Tanner Ott of Alley A Realty has hired me to photograph various properties and locations they own and manage. One of their unique sites is Alley A in downtown Columbia, Missouri. Alley A is a different kind of retail space for merchants. Instead of facing a traffic thoroughfare where storefronts are visible to passing cars, Alley A is only accessible via pedestrian traffic. It offers a distinctive experience for the patrons of the business located there. Here’s a picture I took for Tanner that appeared on the cover of Inside Columbia Magazine few years ago. This past spring, I received a call from Columbia College, and they wanted to use the same image for their Welcome to Columbia publication. The college provides this publication as a local guidebook for incoming students. My photo of Alley A has been one of my most popular and iconic images. I have gotten a lot of mileage from this single photo.

The photograph was taken with a Canon 5D Mark III camera with a Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens at ƒ/16.0 with a 2.5-second exposure at ISO 400. The processing was done with Adobe Lightroom CC.

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