This past Fall, Nick Borgmeyer of Simon-Oswald Architecture hired me to take photos of their newly redesigned building for Waves Cider Company in Columbia, Missouri.

It’s always essential in architectural photography to get a great shot of the facade of the building. In this case, a privacy fence was built to shield the patrons on the patio from passing cars. The fence created a very tight space that prevented me from getting a frontal shot from a distance.

As a result, I used my wide-angle Canon TS-E17mm f/4L tilt-shift lens for this scene. The 17mm lens was wide enough to capture the entire facade within the confined patio space. Also, because of the tilt-shift lens’s unique features, I was able to do in-camera perspective correction to prevent the keystone effect and obtain straight lines, which architects prefer in their photos.

The windows of the facade were dark-tinted. As a result, the interior lights were very dim. To augment and brighten the lights, I placed three wireless Quantum Trio flash units inside the building and triggered them with a Quantum Co-Pilot. The extra light helped create a warmer interior lighting atmosphere, which embodies a sense of comfort and well-being.

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